Store Policy

Payment Methods

We prefer PayNow.

Using PayNow,

  1.  Select payment to UEN number, and key in 201913588E , alternatively, you can scan the QR code here. You will see the entity name 99 OLD TREES PTE LTD.

  2. Enter the payment amount. Please ensure you pay the right amount. 

  3. For Bill reference number, please key in the order number as stated in your order confirmation email sent to you after you have successfully check out. 

Customer Experience

At Stinky's, we pride ourselves as Masters of Durian. Durian is commonly known as the King of Fruit. It's a tropical fruit well-loved in several South-east Asian countries.

And here in Singapore- we FRUIT-KING love our DURIANS! 

But durian is a notoriously difficult fruit to manage.


What give durians this delicious (stinky) aroma are hundreds of volatile compounds. These volatile compounds gets destroyed easily at high heat. 

And that's why at Stinky's, our chefs have a strict "NO COOKING OF DURIAN" policy when it comes to the preparation of durian pastries and desserts. 

At Stinky, style & substance are in perfect harmony.

Our philosophy is to create masterpieces for our guests to indulge in, have some fun in the form, but at the same time, retain the full flavour of durian in its purest form.

Privacy & Safety

When you place your order with us, you gave us your trust.

You have not only trust us in delivering the highest quality product to you, but you also trust that we handle your personal information as if it was our own. 

Worry not!

We'll never betray that trust!

Your information will only be used in one thing-

To deliver your products to your doorstep, and nothing else.

Your information is safe with us!

Wholesale Inquiries

For overseas wholesale or distributorship enquiries,


Call +65 87924589


We do not entertain local distributorship enquiries in Singapore.