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   38 years of dedication    

Our Stinky Journey begins in Fook Gor Durian Farm - A 27 acre family owned durian farm located in Raub district, Pahang, Malaysia


Fook Gor Durian Farm was started in 1982 by Chan Lai Fook. It is home to Malaysia's oldest Musang King tree. 

During every durian season, fresh durians are picked daily from 5am to 7am. They are sorted and graded. The best ones are sent directly to Singapore to our very own retail outlet, 99 Old Trees, located in 1 Teo Hong Road, Singapore.

The STINKY's brand is managed under 99 Old Trees

Excess durians will be sent daily to our processing plant, located just 5 minutes away from the farm, for pulp extraction. 

These extracted pulp is meticulously graded by hand. They are spread across a white acrylic surface to be checked for impurities and tough fibrous pieces. Pulp that is of poor quality are painstakingly removed by hand and discarded. It's a very labour intensive process.

What's left behind is a batch of high quality, strong smelling pulp! And that is why in every bite of our dessert, you'll be hit by the full strength of Musang King's flavour!

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