Frequently asked questions

What is Stinky?

Stinky all about durian pastries and desserts. Stinky is a brand managed by 99 Old Trees. While 99 Old Trees specialises in fresh durians and durian pulp, Stinky all about turning this fruit into beautiful and delectable desserts.

What do we know about making good durian desserts?

We have a dedicated team of pastry chefs with years of experience in renowned hotels working with us on this. Our mission is simple: To bring durians to the world.

Are Stinky products suitable to bring overseas?

Not all products are suitable. But for ice cream, yes. We have a packaging for it to ensure that it stays ordorless and can stay frozen for up to 488 hours. We've tried ourselves. It works!

Do we Deliver? Can i Self Collect?

Yes, we provide island-wide delivery in Singapore. Place your order before 3pm and receive your order on the same day. Delivery hours are between 4pm - 6pm. Self Collection hours are between 2pm - 8pm Delivery fee is $6.90 per location, and its free if total order exceeds $150 or if you opt for Self Collection

How long can Stinky products keep?

In general, for frozen products, they can keep for 2 months. However, for desserts like Stinky Bowl & Chendul, they don't keep as well and we strongly encourage customers to consume them as soon as possible after purchase.