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Stinky Bowl
It's Back!

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ruins the durian flavour

The durian aroma is made up of hundreds of volatile compounds. 

And cooking destroys many of these compounds.


That's why we insist in NEVER cooking the durians in all of our desserts and pastries. 

Why Stinky Scoop?
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100% Pure Mao Shan Wang

Only real Mao Shan Wang pulp is used.

No artificial flavouring.

Our Mao Shan Wang durian pulp is prepared by 99 Old Trees. 99 Old Trees specialises in growing of durians. It has a dedicated factory for extraction of durian pulp.

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Each pint contains at least 15 seeds of MSW inside. 

That's equivalent to 2 mid size durians!

We don't stinge
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Our MSW ice cream is prepared in small batch. 

Churned at low speed, every scoop tastes super rich.

Super Rich
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Recipe "D"

We involved over 100 participants (all durian fanatics) in our recipe development. Out of 6 recipes, recipe "D" was the undisputed winner!

You can actually taste the bitterness! It's like eating the real thing lor...

David Loh

(One super regular fan)